Communication Faculty

The Communication faculty is a group of departments that focuses on developing great skills in all aspects of communication. We aim to communicate an understanding of the importance of interaction and the requirement to communicate your ideas clearly.

The departments of English, Modern Foreign Languages and Media work together to ensure that you are prepared for the next stages in your lifelong learning journey by being able to select and retrieve relevant information, investigate issues and topics, present your findings, formulate and justify an opinion, show empathy for others and understand viewpoints, giving explanations based on a secure understanding of language and they way in which it is used.

The Communication Faculty is led by Sarah Minton, who is also Subject Leader for English. She is supported by Janine MacLean, Media Studies Subject Lead and Cath Dutton, Modern Foreign Languages Subject Lead.

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Media Studies
Modern Foreign Languages

The Faculty has 10 full time members of teaching staff and a team of 3 teaching assistants. We have a strong team ethos and pupil voice activities show that you, our students, enjoy our lessons.