The Curriculum at Marsden Heights Community College

We try to personalise our curriculum to ensure that it is flexible and responds to your needs, so that you are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, understanding and motivation to embrace your own learning journey and to enjoy a successful outcome regardless of whether you choose further education, an apprenticeship or go into the world of work. We understand that each and every one of you is unique and will achieve at your own level. For some that means following an academic route for others that means pursuing other routes. Therefore we customise your learning journey to meet your needs.

Curriculum For A Rapidly Changing Technological World

We live in a rapidly changing and increasingly technological world, and we firmly believe that you need a broad curriculum to ensure you are equipped with the skills and knowledge to diversify into areas and opportunities which some of us possibly don’t even know exist as yet.

A Curriculum Centred Around You

So whilst we are under continuous pressure from governments to perform to particular requirements and to meet specific targets – which we do – we nevertheless strive to deliver a curriculum tailored to match your needs.