Discovery – It’s more exciting than you think

The Discovery Faculty contains two departments: Maths & Science. And there’s a very good reason for that. We can’t make a discovery without experimenting and science and, believe it or not, maths is all about experimenting. We at MHCC challenge you and your perceptions of Maths and Science – because it’s ok to get things wrong! In fact, we’ll go even further than that to say it’s absolutely imperative that you do get things wrong because it’s from this that the real learning takes place. Indeed many of the greatest inventions and discoveries came as a direct result of things going wrong – a great example is the discovery of Penicillin. So discover the possibilities…

So, you might say that Science does the exciting & interesting stuff; experiments, explosions, smells! You get the idea?! Whilst Maths provides you with the number skills needed during your lifetime – budgeting, TV schedules, bills! Without Maths you couldn’t calculate how much a new carpet may cost or work out how much the electricity bill has increased by.

You’ll also discover that with a solid understanding of these subjects you will be in demand from future employers in the job market making you the most employable and enabling you to lift Science and Maths out of the text books and transfer them into real life situations. Young people with Science and Maths skills can make a big contribution to the challenges facing society today. Almost every organisation relies on people with these skills and the pay is commensurate with that so you’ll enjoy reaping the financial rewards too. Many of today’s challenges require Science and technology based solutions from finding new energy solutions to working on a cure for cancer. And from managing the household bills to balancing the books of a multi-national corporation – you’ll need Maths skills to help you do it.

The Faculty is led by Peter Ellwood who is also subject lead for Maths. He is supported by Robert Lawler – subject lead Science and a team of highly motivated and passionate teaching staff. The faculty provides many opportunities to stretch and challenge you through extracurricular activities such as Y7 Springwatch, National Science week zoo trips, annual maths challenges, visits to local universities and the institute of biology competition. There are strong links between the subjects.

Exciting and well-paid opportunities await you – let’s discover them…

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