Realisation – Live Technology!

Our mission is to develop you as students to realise your full potential, academically, socially and creatively using 21st century solutions. Enabling you to go out into the world of work to create things that people need and that work well having accessed the very latest in equipment and technologies here at College. Working towards a better, sustainable global community.

By recognising and planning learning around different contexts and experiences, the Realisation faculty curriculum aims to make better connections across your learning. Important themes emerge, such as enterprise and sustainable development, and your learning relates to these themes and is built in to the experiences to support the development of skills and attributes and therefore positive outcomes. We’ll help you prepare for life in the real world!

The faculty is led by Phillipa Whittaker is also the subject lead for Computing and ICT. She is supported by Cheryl Semple – Business Studies subject lead and Nicola Lees – Design Technology subject lead.

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Business Studies
Computing & ICT
Design Technology

Realisation Clubs and Activities

Title –

Description – brief sentence outlining the content of the activity

Day & Time


Year group (if applic, or state open to all)

Activity Leader’s Name & email address (assuming happy to be contacted for further info)

Title: Get Crafty
Description: Using dress making patterns and sources of inspiration from books & the internet join Miss Lees in creating your high street fashions with a shoestring budget.
Day & Time: Monday @ 3.30pm
Location: R222
Year group: KS4
Activity Leader’s Name: Miss Lees

Title: Geek Club – KS3
Description: Geek Club has a buzz and hive of energy, creativity and enthusiasm for all things that fall under the “geekometer”, from squishy circuits to Raspberry Pis. #getyourgeekon -Check it out!
Day & Time: Monday Lunch 1:30-2pm
Location: 216
Year group: (if applic, or state open to all) – Yr 7-8
Activity Leader’s Name & email address: Miss Ferguson

Title: Business Club
Description: Enterprise activities– Students formulate their own business running it, assigning jobs, etc. Create a product/number of products and sell it/them at appropriate times during the year.
Day & Time: Friday lunchtime
Location: 229
Year group: (if applic, or state open to all) Year 9 & 10
Activity Leader’s Name & email address: Phillipa Whittaker