Our Unique STAR Learning Concept

We’re really proud of our innovative and unique learning concept – STAR. The concept aims to encourage you to complete a set of learning milestones and develop skills which will stay with you throughout your time at College and your life-long learning journey. These transferrable skills will help you enjoy a successful, fruitful and rewarding career – whatever path you may choose to take when you’re grown.

STAR – an acronym for:
Solo Learner – Promotes Independent, Organised and Determined Learners
Team Learner- Encourages Responsible and Respectful Learners and Great Communicators
Adventurous Learner- Inspires Imaginative and Curious Learners and Problem Solvers
Reflective Learner- Rewards Thoughtful, Self-Aware and Adaptable Learners

Creative Learning Curriculum

If you’re lucky enough to be a Year 7 student here at MHCC, the Creative Learning Curriculum will see that you are are tooled-up and skilled-up to meet the variety of challenges you’ll face in life through our innovative and creative STAR Learning concept. During this creative and engaging cross-curricular learning, you’ll be encouraged to practice independent learning through project-based work where your learning will be applied and put into context so that it becomes more meaningful and understandable and less about the strict lines between the subjects but more about the connections between the different subjects. It will all make sense!

This will help you build a toolbox of skills, techniques and disciplines that you will use to help you through College and life-long journey.

Why do we have a Creative Competency Curriculum?

Well it’s about encouraging the creativity in you, our youngest students, by combining the different disciplines you’ll learn within the subjects and giving them an exciting new twist! This form of project-based learning does not follow the normal exam-driven learning and is much less scary for you and helps you settle into College life because it feels just a little like Primary school feels (only there’s more exciting subjects to learn about and more fun to have!). Oh, and you’ll get really good at learning new things which will help you find the best in you and eventually the best job for you!