Student Progress Centre – A Unique Support Provision

We’re extremely proud of your Student Progress Centre here at Marsden Heights with its totally unique support provision. The Student Progress Centre EXISTS solely FOR YOU and your family’s/carer’s good and encompasses all areas of your well-being and performance.

This nurturing environment provides a safe haven and all the care, support and guidance to help you and your family/carer through what is often a challenging time in your life. We believe we bridge the relationship between home, college and you as we work alongside your family/carers to support you as a whole – with consideration of your personal, social, emotional and academic development.

Transition from Primary to Secondary and Beyond

You’ll first meet our team when you’re about to embark on the transition from primary school to the College as our specialist staff facilitate and arrange for your visits and taster sessions. This gives you as a prospective students a feel for college life and gives you the confidence necessary which helps you settle in quicker. Towards the end of your time here at the College, the Centre provides careers advice and guidance, liaises with Further Education colleges and other post-16 providers and assists with the writing of your CVs, the completion of application forms and provides opportunities for interview practice.

Academic Support

You are encouraged to visit us at the centre to access the support which our specialised staff offer. We provide academic support through homework clubs, group working and mentoring and by helping you develop key skills such as effective revision, time management and organisational skills. We can even arrange for one-to-one support for you.

Emotional Well-being & Support

You may just want someone to talk to and our approachable, accessible and non-judgemental staff are there to listen to you. Lots of students tell us that they feel comfortable talking with us and that they grow in confidence and self esteem as our mutual trust develops. Our specialised staff work closely with other agencies – for example health and young peoples’ service and can also access trained counsellors if that’s what we agree would be best for you.

Email the Student Progress Centre in confidence now.