Craft Fair – written by Halima Ayub

As many students are aware Marsden Heights produced a wonderful craft fair which worked excellently because of help and organisation as well as each student’s dedication to producing a splendid entry.  Held on Tuesday 20th December, Students were very competitive with their creations which were very detailed and pleasing to the eye.  From the creative stories and poems to the spectacular food and all around show case of pure talent, many students showed they were dedicated to producing an entry generating a competitive atmosphere.

It started off in Lecture Theatre 2 where students were told to drop off their master pieces.  As always there was a huge attendance attracting students to see their competition but also to show what outstanding creations they made.  Help was provided by teachers and six students from the house committee as this rivalry between the students and staff to help make their house team the most dominant then the rest.  One exceptionally brilliant form was Mrs Ferguson’s with students who produced the most entries that any other form in the school.  While I am aware each from thrived to make their form successful, Mrs Ferguson’s form were clearly out to win it!

The judges were then left the whole school day to judge and critically assess each students work, reading through the stories and discussing which entry was the most outstanding of them all.  As a judge myself, it was very difficult to narrow down which entry came first second and third as all the entries were incredible and showed a huge amount of dedication from each individual student.  The judges finally assessed each entry and brought the winners in to take a picture of themselves wit their entry accompanied by Miss Clark and Mr Adlington.

Two days later the students discovered it was excellent news for Ninox as they came first with Tyto second, Strix third and unfortunately for Otus, they came fourth.  I would also like to mention Miss Clark in this article as her thrive to make the house system work was incredible and I look forward to seeing future activities which bring back competition between the various houses.

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