Headteacher’s Blog – Friday 22nd June 2018

Well, what a week! Monday began with 17 of our Year 7s out in Colne Town Centre, where they were met by 17 other students from Park High. They engaged in a Talkoake event, discussing key community issues in relation, to equality, integration and the barriers they face.

Our students were amazing, they spoke confidently and professionally on many sensitive issues regarding our communities. They acted with great maturity and openly discussed topics which traditionally many adults would shy away from. They represented Marsden Heights with great integrity and many members of the public commented on how well the students conveyed their message of peace, harmony and integration – they proved to be a real credit and upheld Marsden Heights in the brightest of lights.

Early Monday morning also saw our Positive Voices setting off to London to visit our MP, Andrew Stephenson at the Houses of Parliament, the sights of London and then onto Islington to work with community groups.

We look forward to seeing the impact of this visit in a project based upon knife crime.

Tuesday saw Marsden Heights on their way to Oxford with our Year 10 Pendle Elite and Mrs Brade. Their task was to deliver a presentation in front of a varied and prestigious audience at Oxford University . There were some really fantastic subjects researched by the students. I was lucky enough to listen to them on their practice run, I can say they were truly wonderful.

Wednesday evening saw our Prom and what a fantastic night … it was at Mitton Hall. Our students were absolutely wonderful to behold and the staff at Mitton Hall were so impressed with them all.

Our support for others has been superb this week … the large bin for clothing is almost overflowing as our students and staff raise money for Pendleside Hospice. The staff were also treated to a cake sale organised by Mrs Semple to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Today I have lost a great deal of money as our Rave Readers and Reading Ambassadors are doing a sponsored silence on Wednesday next week to raise money for the ‘We Are Reading’ scheme. The goal is to raise £100 to match the £100 that we have already been given by Pendle Challenge and I think I personally must have sponsored that much just in one day as our children proved to be very persuasive.  This money will be used in school to promote reading.  Please support the students who are taking part in the sponsored silence if you are able.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Headteacher’s Blog – Friday 15th June 2018

This week has been very busy and has seen us as a school focusing on our relational grace, humility, through our assemblies and tutor time. We continue to collect items of clothing to donate to others who may be in need and we are amassing quite a collection. Any donations would be gratefully received.

On Wednesday four of our students visited the ‘Salters Festival of Chemistry’ at Manchester University and it was a great success. We were so proud of our students who clearly loved the experience and were a real asset to our school.

The day started with an introduction in a large lecture theatre in the Main Chemistry Building, the students were told of the challenges they were to complete; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The first was a forensic investigation using chemical analysis techniques (including Chromatography and pH indicators) where the correct culprit was to be discovered. The second was to create a chemical egg timer, using rates of reaction and this was independently judged to find the closest to 1 minute.

The students were treated to an amazing Flash – Bang chemistry demonstration before the prize-giving.

The best part by far was that Marsden Heights were awarded First Prize for achieving a chemical reaction which took exactly 1:00.00 minute as independently judged! They came back with prizes for themselves and for school … a truly superb performance! We are very proud.

We have students preparing for trips next week as two groups of our students are off to London and Oxford. Our Positive Voices group are off to visit the Houses of Parliament and work on a project on knife crime with International Alert and our Year 10 Pendle Elite group are off to visit Oxford University and deliver their presentations on such incredibly diverse subjects – check out their titles:

How did the growth of Islam create a Golden Age of enlightenment?
Nephilim – where are they now?
Will the atrocity that is animal cruelty ever end?
How are black people treated by the FBI and portrayed in the media?
Why is it difficult for humans to achieve peace?
Muhaamad Ali: The Life of a Legend.

I was lucky enough to be an audience for their presentations and I was blown away by their delivery skills and the quality of their content. We wish Maleeha, Shaun, Ammaarah, Naziyha, Halima and Daanyaal the very best of skill for their presentations.

May I take this opportunity of wishing Eid Mubarak to our students, staff, parents and all the members of our community. Blessings to all!

Enjoy your weekend.

My First Headteacher’s Blog!

Welcome to my first headteacher’s blog. I am very excited to be able to share with you every Friday, the events of the week at Marsden Heights. Being headteacher is a most rewarding role and I am very lucky to have some amazing children in our school, who make a difference every day. It has been kindness week where we have been pledging to do things for others within our community and we have been collecting unwanted clothes and donating them to others more needy than ourselves. A huge congratulations to the team who have been selling postcards and then delivering them – I am sure we will have raised a great deal of money for our charity work too.

So … this week has seen our Year 11 sitting their exams with English, Maths, History and Science papers taking place. Their exam conduct has been absolutely fantastic – just what we would expect. Our invigilators have been full of praise for how wonderful they have been.

Congratulations to our Reading Ambassadors. Our 10 chosen students are from Years 7-9 and were chosen for this leadership role which will involve leading reading events in school; attending training in other schools; participating in community reading events; meeting authors, and a whole host of other wonderful activities.  We look forward to seeing each of them wearing their special hoody in MHCC colours with our logo on the front and Reading Ambassador  #readtoachieve on the back. Well done to Fatimah, Hassan, Esha, Tayiba, Hamnah, Mohammad, Nida, Pheobe, Zainab and Mariam!

Friday saw a visit from Andrew Stephenson, our local MP, who came to talk to our Positive Voices 6 about life in Parliament. This is in preparation for their trip to London where they have been invited to visit the Houses of Parliament as well as working on a knife crime project with International Alert. The questions for Andrew were certainly varied and we found out all about the Mayoress of Colne’s golden chain to kings having their heads chopped off and how the commonwealth works. Needless to say our students are really looking forward to travelling to London in a few weeks time.

Friday evening saw me accepting an invitation to the Community Iftari Event at Nelson Central Ghausia Mosque. It was an honour and a privilege to share the evening as a community with Imam Khalid Mehmood, the mosque committee, members of the mosque and community leaders. It was an informative and enjoyable evening and allowed us to come together in fellowship and in partnership.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!