GCSE Examination Results

We welcome the Class of 2018 on Thursday 23rd August from 9.30am until 11am to return to college to receive their GCSE results.  We will also be welcoming those students in our new Year 11 who took their Biology GCSE early.

Wishing you every success!

Headteacher’s Blog – Friday 20th July 2018

What a wonderful end to the term … with our Summer Fair starting the final week on Saturday. A wonderful time was had by all and our students were a real credit to our school, their parents and our community. Students and staff raised a whopping £642 and we are so grateful for all the support from not only our MHCC team but from our community too. This money raised will be split in half with half going to the new school show for next year “We will Rock you” and the other half will be spent on equipment for our lunch times and developing our outdoor spaces so that our students will directly benefit.

We had many visits this week from United Learning, our Academy Trust, as we draw ever closer to September. This week we have been working on some of the “back room” business with meetings on finances and budget, business and HR, so that we have a smooth transition. We will be spending next year on transitioning as we move to a mastery curriculum with our new Year 7s.

Thursday saw the most magnificent Sports’ Day possible. With 600 medals up for grabs, it was always going to be a fabulous day. Our student Sports’ Leaders supported our PE team and staff volunteers – it was truly a glorious day with so many of our children so proud to be taking home bronze, silver and gold medals won in so many different sports … a festival of sport.

Today saw us working our way towards a 2pm finish with our students ending the day in a full school assembly. We had prizes for 100% attendance and we celebrated with those students who were chosen as Student of the Year – congratulations go to Sabih in Year 7, Abeera in Year 8, Benish in Year 9 and our twins in Year 10, Fatima and Zahra. Well done to all of you!

We also had prizes for our students who achieved an award for being in the top 10% in the country for Biology out of 40,000 entrants, we had prizes for those students who took part in a challenge day at Manchester University that involved the Royal Society for Chemistry with Mr Hallam and finally, our Maths superstars who achieved certificates in the national Maths Challenge with Mrs James. We are very proud of you all.

In our final assembly, I spoke to the students about our plans next year to really develop the way that we recognise our students’ achievements and ensuring that our system of awarding points of recognition have a value for our students. We will have a working party of students and staff to create a system for us so that all those students who achieve points have the prospect of spending those points with us.

Our new gates will be in place next term which means that our site will finally be secure. We know how important this is to parents. This does mean that there will be no access to our site for parents to drop off children in the morning or pick them up in the afternoon. LCC and the police have been working with us to look at the safety of our site and the advice they are giving parents is for students to walk into school or be dropped off 5 or 10 mins distance from school to walk the remainder of the way.

There is also advice from the LCC traffic department who informed us on a visit that parking on our turning circle, Edge End Lane or Eckroyd Close could result in a parking ticket as there are lines to denote no parking or waiting. Please can parents be aware that this is a distinct possibility … the best advice is to find a suitable place to pick up your child from college, if indeed it is needed.

Our students left for home today, knowing that they return to college on Wednesday 5th September at 10.30am. Our new Year 7s will arrive at 8.40am on the Wednesday so that they can spend time receiving their timetables and becoming organised for the year ahead. We have been following a Red Week timetable for the last two weeks so that our students become familiar with it and our first week in September will begin again with Red Week.

Exciting times ahead for us. I hope that you have a great summer!

Headteacher’s Blog – Friday 13th July 2018

The weekend saw the Senior Leadership Team visiting Leeds on a residential run by TeachFirst. We began a government-funded project back in April which aims to support leadership teams in “Leading together” and learning together. On Saturday we were working on the theory of developing our strategic vision based upon how effective businesses conduct their practice. Deloitte were running those training sessions, sessions they have run with some of the very top businesses nationally and internationally. Sunday saw us developing our understanding of the Science of Learning which considers the best practice research in cognitive science and how children learn in the most effective way. So after such a busy weekend, Monday morning came upon the SLT very quickly!

And what a morning … our new timetable and our annual visit from the students in Poland. Every year a group of Polish students visit England and we are fortunate enough to spend a day with them at Marsden Heights. They experience a typical day in an English school. They had a varied experience this year as they were able to experience our Forest School firsthand. This mirrors the fact that in Marsden Heights our students in Years 7, 8 and 9 all have one day out of their normal lessons to spend in our Forest School learning new self-sufficiency skills and experiencing unusual activities.

The first week of our new timetable went very well. Many students are having to cope with change as a number of them have moved from one half of the year to the other as we ensure that our bands are equal, giving all students the opportunity to be placed in the right set. Year 11 have also had major change and have found themselves split during lunchtime which is due to us moving form time to lunchtime, allowing us to spend more time on learning. During Year 11 we move students into different forms in order to facilitate new opportunities for learning and a chance to develop skills and knowledge in some of the subjects where they are under-achieving. This has proved highly successful over the years and students have secured the grades needed to secure their college places through the daily focus on English, Maths, Science or an option subject.

Thursday evening saw the Year 8s “Gradu8te” from Lower School to Upper School. It was a lovely evening, celebrating the very best qualities in our students – attendance, punctuality, commitment to their subjects and their learning and it was delightful to see them gain their certificates and know that they have earned their place in Year 9 in readiness for beginning their GCSE journey.

Tomorrow sees our annual Summer Fair. Last year the Summer Fair was a huge hit with students, staff, visitors and our community. This year sees the student leaders playing an even greater role than last year and all our Year 7-9 children contributed to the school fair by pledging chocolate and gifts in exchange for a much prized non-uniform day.

I hope you can join Marsden Heights for our Summer Fair; it promises to be a great one!