Making the transition to MHCC from Primary

Going to ‘big school’ is a daunting time for any young person. We understand this because we felt the same way too, only we’re now doing things very differently so as to make the change far less overwhelming than ever before.

It all begins in Year 5 at our feeder Primary schools when our dedicated, specialist transition team will begin to go into school and invite our newest students to begin spending some time at our College. It’s quite probable that your child’s primary class teacher will already have brought the class into College as many local primary schools access our fantastic facilities and highly specialised, yet very friendly, teachers.

By the time your child is ready to join us here at MHCC they may have had 3-4 transition visits, based on their needs, so that they won’t need to worry about navigating their way around school, or seeing new faces for the first time or finding out how delicious the menu is here at Heights’ Delights, since we will have already covered those bases during their visits. They’ll already understand the structure of the college day and know all about the exciting subjects they can learn whilst they’re here.

For some children who don’t attend a feeder primary, and who are perhaps making the move to College on their own, transition is a different process and this is where our dedicated transition team can make all the difference. We’re a friendly face – recognisable, approachable and always available. We’ll make sure that your child is ready to get into class and get down to the serious business of having fun whilst learning lots!

We’re looking forward to starting this journey together.

Why is the transition so smooth at MHCC?

We like to do things differently here because we enjoy the results we see!

Unlike most schools and colleges, which have a member of the teaching staff responsible for this area, we have a Transition Team led by our Assistant Headteacher, who specialises in Inclusion, in addition to two dedicated full time members of staff whose job it is to facilitate the smoothest transition from year 6 to year 7. They aren’t timetabled to teaching which means they’re available for every eventuality and, at the drop of a hat, able to discuss any concerns or issues which your child might have. They work closely with our Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator and our Student Progress Centre Leader.

It’s all about your child

We’re all individuals and we’re all very different, which is exactly why we don’t expect one approach to suit every child. Your child has his or her own needs, worries and concerns and we’re here to ensure that their transition experience is the best it can be for them. We call it tailor-made transition.

Our newest students quickly understand that we’re here to help them; they are our priority. Our dedicated staff will tend to your child’s needs – dietary, medical, emotional – these little people are very important! Any issues will be dealt with discretely, so whether your child has special medical requirements or unique educational needs, we’ll see to it that they get the support they need without peers even being aware of it.

Did you know that we have a Summer School exclusively for those who will attend MHCC in September? It’s a great way to brush up and improve skills to make high school even easier whilst making new friends ready for the new terms ahead. There’s lots to learn and do in these fun-filled sessions!

Your child will dream, believe and achieve at MHCC.

Let’s get down to the serious business of learning lots but having fun!

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