Youth & Community Service at MHCC in Pendle

YOUthside is the uniquely integrated Youth & Community Service within our College. It responds and relates to your needs. It also interacts with the College and your local community and helps to foster racial and social integration and cohesion between you, other students and your family.

Enhance Your Educational Experience

It exists to enhance your educational experience through activities which include voluntary work, residential programmes, partnership work with local organisations, social interactions and group project work. We can often access European funding, local council grants and other external funding streams to allow you the opportunity to take part in exciting youth-led activities which might enable you to raise awareness of issues which are of importance to you or just enjoy interacting with friends in an organised social environment. Further and higher education establishments appreciate this type of extra-curricular involvement and it can impact on gaining a place at an over-subscribed college. It will look positively great on your CV!

Social, Emotional and Personal Development

The focus is very much on your social, emotional and personal development. YOUthside promotes good relationships for all. It is a concept developed around trust and a mutual respect for one another and aims to provide a strong, positive guiding influence. It is a support agency and you choose to come to us voluntarily and when you do, you won’t be disappointed!

MHCC recognise that it’s equally important to prepare you socially and morally and as well academically so that you will become well-rounded individuals equipped with everything you need to make a positive impact and achieve your full potential.

Mashuq Hussain is the Senior Youth & Community Worker who heads up this faculty for you and we’re extremely proud that Mashuq has been awarded an OBE for his services to youth and community in Pendle. Plus he happens to be a really nice guy so pop along for a chat anytime!

Its aims include –

  • Encourage your unique contribution
  • Help you foster positive friendships
  • A better educational experience
  • Positive impact on learning
  • Help you become a responsible citizen
  • Improve social skills
  • Raise awareness of wider issues
  • Encourage empathy and understanding
  • Encourage cohesion within school and community
  • Connect home and school

It’s about You(th) & Co(mmunity)

Find out more about ‘Positive Voices’ and other projects by emailing Mr Hussain.

Email Mr Hussain