Continued Professional Development (CPD) Providing Support for ITT

MHCC is a “learning community” where all are involved in a continuous process of development and improvement. The college is committed to fostering a positive climate for continuous learning. CPD is the means through which this occurs. The main emphasis is based on the quality of teaching and learning, improving standards and developing leadership. The ultimate aim of CPD is to improve the practice of individuals and teams which then has a positive impact on the quality of pedagogy and methodology across the college. MHCC believes that a coherent and progressive opportunity to develop professionally and personally both improves standards and raises morale through personal and professional fulfilment and assists recruitment and retention.

MHCC has a comprehensive and creative CPD programme that is linked and integrated with the college’s development plan and is based on a range of information:

These are achieved through:

  • Leadership courses
  • Bitesize training sessions
  • External speakers
  • External courses
  • HEI/Leadership courses
  • Internal support – Coaching, mentoring and sharing good practice.

MHCC CPD ensures that the learning needs of the individual have a direct impact on the quality of provision, allowing effective dissemination and successful practice which raises standards in teaching and learning across the college

CPD can operate effectively at a variety of levels – individual, team, whole school and through wider networks with an emphasis on collaborative learning.