Headteacher’s Blog – Friday 30th November 2018

A busy week this week for our Year 11s as they continued with their Mock examinations. Staff will now be focused on assessing their answers and then standardising them across the departments. This will ensure that we are giving the students the most accurate grades we can, measuring our students against national benchmarks. Students will undergo a Mock Results Day where they will experience firsthand what the Summer will bring when they receive their GCSE results. In a meeting with the Senior team they will receive their results and reflect on their preparation. From these results we will adapt their interventions and extra classes.

This week also saw a review take place by United Learning. As you are aware, we were due to convert on September 1st. However, there have been a number of set backs due to delays with the paperwork. This means that we are now looking to convert during the new year.

We have already been working with some of United Learning’s advisers and this week’s review was to give us a whole school benchmark to determine whether we understood our school and were accurately assessing all aspects of our work. We await the written report from the trust and the support that will follow. I will keep you updated as to our progress in terms of dates for our conversion.

Our Mums2Mums group have been busy undertaking a 10 week computer skills course and they were presented with their certificates by Abdul Salik from the Citizens Advice Bureau. Well done, ladies! If you are interested in the group, they meet every Wednesday morning in the college. For any more information, get in contact with Mash Hussain at college and he will give you more details.

Friday morning saw the wonderful sight of Misses Armstrong and Lees staffing a Christmas decoration stall in order to raise funds for the upcoming Barcelona trip. I bought quite a few of those decorations, they were absolutely fabulous! They succeeded in raising £183 which is a phenomenal achievement.

Next week beckons …